EkocertificateWe offer wide range of shirt and blouse fabrics, workwear and corporate textiles of Tootal Fabrics. Standard production is supplemented with seazonal items and intercollections. Standard production guaranties repeated designs and immediate stock availability in warehouse in Holland. Sezonal articles and intercollections are unique, reffers to actual trends in fashion and are result of work of best designers ( also from Italy and France). All fabrics are consistent with EU standards and have certificate of conformability: Ekocertificate.

We deliver fabrics mainly in compositions like cotton, cotton/lycra, cotton/spandex/lycra, cotton/poliester, poliester linings.

We propose:

  • 100% cotton
  • 97% cotton, 3% lycra
  • 64% cotton, 32% nylon, 4% stretch
  • 80% cotton, 20% poliester
  • 75% cotton, 25% poliester
  • 70% cotton, 30% poliester
  • 60% cotton, 30% polies1ter
  • 55% cotton, 45% poliester
  • 65% cotton, 35% poliester
  • 100% poliester

in following weaves:

  • poplin
  • herringbone
  • twill
  • fil'a fil
  • diagonal
  • denim (texas)
  • oxford
  • satin

and also fabrics made of double thread so called two folds.

These fabrics can have different finishings:

  • non iron (non care) - ammonia finishing
  • easy iron (easy care) - low creasing
  • silky

We have widest color range of standard plain fabrics ( 65/35 cott/poly, 55/45 cott/poly:

Card of colours, page 1 Card of colours, page 2 Card of colours, page 3

We also import PFD fabrics - Prepared For Dying. These fabrics have been desized, scoured, and bleached, but processed without optical brighteners or softeners which can interfere with dye uptake.

Textiles, we deliver for our customers are constantly used in businesses:

  • men sirts and other garment
  • women shirts and blouses and other garment
  • workwear
  • corporate wear and contract business.

We welcome you to check our offer, which can be presented to you:

  • in headquarter of Tissimpex company
  • in your company
  • receiving full offer in form of catalogue with cards, on basis of which customer places an order for cards intereting for him.